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Юридические статьи на английском Statistics of crimes against women and children for 2018 in Russia

Общаясь с коллегами из-за границы и читая иностранные статьи выяснил, что не только российские учёные лишены доступа к научным статьям за границей, но и иностранцы из-за языкового барьера не имеют сведений о российской правовой мысли и развитии российского права. Решил дублировать некоторые свои статьи, в упрощённом виде, на английский язык, что бы давать ссылки при общении. Пока старые просто упрощаю немного и переведу через переводчик. Если увидите ошибки, поправьте пожалуйста. Благодарю.

Statistics of crimes against women and children for 2018 in Russia ("domestic violence")

[Spoiler (click to open)]In 2018, 3537 women aged 18 and over were recognized as victims under article 105 of the criminal code (murder) and part 4 of article 111 (intentional harm to health, resulting in death). This represents about a quarter of all recognized victims under this article. Actually died of them about 85% ie 3006 women. But this is a calculated figure.
Calculate how many of them have become victims of husbands unfortunately impossible for lack of statistics. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the figures of 14 and 12 thousand deaths from domestic violence are fake.

Intentional serious harm to health without such serious consequences caused a little more than 2940 women from 18 years.
Beatings (infliction of physical and (or) psychological pain without harm to health) and torture (repeated cases of beatings and(or) psychological violence) affected 5547 women from 18 years.

Statistics on sexual violence are also interesting.
1610 adult women were raped (article 131 of the criminal code) and attempted rape. This is a very small figure, which can not correspond to reality. Violent acts of a sexual nature (article 132 of the criminal code. This when not impose a member of inward camping on E. there is no sexual intercourse) has undergone just 845 women. 36 women were forced to have sex using threats, official position, etc.or what is commonly called harassment according to statistics of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

470 children were recognized as victims of murders and serious harm to health (including attempts, etc.). 81 the crime at the preliminary investigation done by the parents. That's just over 17 %. This is slightly less than in 2016, but almost at the same level. Most of this category of crimes, almost 80 % committed by not relatives or not even acquaintances of children.

Serious harm to health caused 328 child. Parents committed 31 crimes out of 316 registered, which is also slightly less than in 2016 (9.8%, against 10%). In 2018, for some reason, one employee of an educational organization could not stand it, causing serious harm to the health of a student. Even I wonder what kind of case. It must have been in the press. As before, most crimes are not committed by relatives or acquaintances.

Victims of beatings were 1692 children. Of the 1015 cases investigated, 230 cases were committed by parents. Since 2016, where the article was not decriminalized, there is no sense to compare, but 15,000 cases of beatings from the criminal code have not gone away and have gone to another article, as I predicted. Moreover, most likely the number of parents convicted of beating their children has increased. Talking about Chapter 20 of the criminal code and in particular article 156 of the criminal code (Failure to perform or improper performance of duties on education of minors by a parent or other person entrusted with these responsibilities, as well as pedagogical worker or any other worker of an educational organization, medical organization, organizations providing social services or other organisation, obliged to supervise a minor if the act is connected to cruel treatment of minors). While only 19,000 cases were filed under this Chapter in 2016, more than 55,500 cases were filed in 2018. 515 cases were registered, which, although it is more by almost 100 cases than in 2016, but still the growth is not as large as in 20 cases. - According to the investigation, almost half of the crimes, or 215 of them, were committed.

Now for crimes against sexual integrity.

There were 1,598 rapes. At the same time, only 972 children were recognized as victims. Parents committed 285 crimes. Which is more than twice as much as in 2016. I really hope that this is not an increasing trend, but the quality of investigations.

And now attention 5632 registered crimes in area violent actions sexual character. This is monstrously more than in the case of adult women. According to the investigation, 603 cases were committed, which is twice as much as in 2016.
It can't be an accident. And it is connected, most likely, or with impossibility to prove rapes and retraining under this article, or with exaggerations under this article. It is very easy to plant on it, and it is almost impossible to beat off the investigation. But why only minors? Apparently statements by women are simply ignored.
1333 cases of other sexual violence. 55 cases from parents.
The reasons for this imbalance in parents, friends and relatives are related to the fact that crimes in the sexual sphere are usually associated with this category of criminals.

In the last article, there was also no figure on the inclination to sex of children under 16 years. There were 3,680 such cases in 2018. It is "funny" that this figure is close to the number of girls under 16 who gave birth in Russia. Apparently, when by mutual consent the child lives with the man it is possible to detect only the consequences. In 15 cases, it is incest.

Source information of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia

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