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Comparison of minimum salaries of lawyers in Russia and the USA

Probably everyone knows that in the United States, lawyers and doctors earn very well. I must say that in the TOP companies in Russia, the situation is not worse, if not better. And this is understandable. No wonder since the 90s there is a saying: "Respect your chief accountant and lawyer. Otherwise, how much they knew, you will understand only in prison." The position of the leading lawyer of the company assumes a high degree of trust, and for trust it is necessary to pay. But the question is, how much does a novice lawyer earn?

In the United States conducted a traditional study on this topic. It turned out that in small law firms, the starting salary starts from $ 100,000. If we talk about medium and large, there are starting positions start with 155,000 and almost 180,000 dollars, respectively.

I. e. novice lawyers can count on salaries from 500 000 rubles per month in the United States. Which is twice as much as the US average as a whole. This is after taxes, I emphasize.

And what about Russia?

[Spoiler (click to open)]The minimum wage offered by employers is equal to the minimum in Russia, i.e. 12 000 rubles (187 dollars). Which is 41 times lower than in the US. But it is really difficult to compare so clumsily. Such positions are usually offered to lawyers who work at the initial reception and consultation, as well as to paralegals. However, it is worth saying that in fact this is a purely formal employment, assuming that the person himself will recruit some client base, "unfastening" from his illegal fees to the chief, or the chief will dump him all the rough work on clients, paying some penny. The real minimum salary of a lawyer in Russia starts from 20 -30 000 rubles depending on the region (476 dollars). It is worth noting that the salary is really almost impossible to calculate, as it can be significantly more (but hardly 200 thousand, a maximum of 100 thousand and then not every month:))), and even correspond to the minimum. About the same it will be at the starting positions in the civil service. However, this applies to small companies, "law desks" and the like. If we talk about minimum wages in medium and large law firms, the market analysis conducted by me showed salaries of 80 000 rubles (1268 dollars). But it is worth noting that there is a tighter control system and the ability to increase this threshold is reduced. In addition, in contrast to the United States, these positions practically do not take graduates. Thus, it can be stated that a lawyer in Russia from a minimum position can count on the maximum average salary in the country. And it will be 40 times smaller than in the US.

It is worth noting that the prestige of the profession, unfortunately, in Russia probably somewhere in these forty times less. The causes of this sad phenomenon should be discussed separately.
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